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Mr Children – Surrender (from Stylus E-zine)

August 4, 2008

In this series, clicks’n’cuts dilettante Francis Henville describes his descent into the netherworld of Japanese, Taiwanese and Korean commercial pop. Track by track, he navigates deeper into the genre, searching for ever-more-toothsome morsels with which to satiate his jaded appetite…

Mr. Children have an unfair advantage over most of the names that keep on popping up in this column: they are 37% more human than the average J-Pop band. It’s a medically proven fact.

Why so human? Why not robot voices, robot drums and robot songwriting? I dunno, I guess they just thought they’d go in a more organic direction.

Take “Surrender”. The beginning is an acoustic guitar, a piano and a real cello. 100% real cello! No synth pads for Mr. Children. After the track is set up a bit, there’s a spot for a little off-key whistling. Not that far off-key, but off enough to let you know it’s human.

Read the rest of the article here: Mr Children – Surrender (Stylus E-Zine)

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