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Review: Any by J-Fan

August 4, 2008

“Any” LIVE version

Reviewed by: J-Fan Jpop Staff

Released: 7/10/02

“Any” is Mr. Children’s first single since their mediocre album, “It’s a Wonderful World”. However, their three singles released prior to the album: “yasashii uta”, “youthful days”, and “kimi ga suki” were all great songs. Thankfully, “Any” continues this tradition.

“Any” is an excellent song, true to Mr. Children’s passionate soft-rock style that they are so well-known for. Like many Mr. Children songs, it starts out quiet and simple, and becomes very powerful when it reaches the refrain. The melody is unforgettable! Also, like most big Mr. Children songs, it kind of gradually dies out at the end, giving it a very nice feeling of completeness. Trust me, it’s very difficult to sing karaoke to this song because you really need to use a lot of voice for the chorus.

The second song, “I’m sorry”, is a slower song which may seem a little boring at first compared to “Any”. You’ll find, eventually, that it’s another good Mr. Children track. It is very apologetic. Maybe this song is an apology for their album, which wasn’t very good. If so, apology accepted, Mr. Children.

Mr. Children has done it again. Everything that makes Mr. Children great is presented once again in this single. They always provide a smooth sound that is easy to listen to, and fans shouldn’t be disappointed by this addition to the Mr. Children repertoire. This single doesn’t do anything above and beyond the call of duty, however. It just has two great tracks. It is a shame their album wasn’t this good throughout, because I could really go for some great Mr. Children songs like this in a larger dose. Buy it here.

Overall Rating: 8 – Pretty good.

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