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Review: tenohira/kurumi from Shifuku no Oto

August 4, 2008
tenohira (palm of my hand)/kurumi single cover

tenohira (palm of my hand)/kurumi single cover

Reviewed by J-Fan Jpop Staff

Released: 11/19/03

The always popular band, Mr. Children, is finally back again releasing a new single, after nearly a year of silence.

“tenohira” just plain old rocks, let’s put it that way. This song has real style, and it’s hard to deny as soon as that melody kicks in and your jamming right along with it. Sakurai’s singing job is totally cool. This band has still got it, and this song single-handedly proves it. It’s just so great. Give it a try, won’t you?

“kurumi” is a medium tempo ballad. This song may not really rock like “tenohira”, but it’s cool too. It has an irresistible beautiful little melody. This is good, as any Mr. Children songs go. Definitely not as good as “tenohira”, but still just good.

Mr. Children is back in a big way. They’ve still got it. This is cool music, and anyone with any doubts about whether they’re any good or not anymore need only look to this single.

Overall Rating: 9 – Very good.


kurumi [literally means “walnut” but in this case it is the name of a girl]

Ijah’s Note

It took me a long time to warm up to kurumi. In fact, I didn’t learn to like it until I heard the piano version for the film Koufuku na Shokutaku.

I remember it very well. It was a couple of months into a new job that was, quite frankly, a little beyond my head. It was early morning and the LRT was packed with people. I turned on the Sony MP3 player, put it on full blast and pressed the “shuffle song” mode. kurumi came on and I looked out the window at the scenery passing by. Somehow, in the middle of the packed tram, the song made perfect sense.

tenohira [palm of my hand]

Tenohira has always been a favourite. The song is easy to tab and it has this uplifting beat I was kind of surprised that the music video is so dark.

Transliteration and romaji to be added in the See and Hear category soon.

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