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August 5, 2008

Avatars courtesy of Jpop Forum
Avatars courtesy of Jpop Forum

Transliterations are listed in aphabetical order. Files contain both transliteration and romaji except when marked * or #. Songs without links mean I have not added the transliterations or romaji yet but I already have them in my library. So, if you want any of the yet-to-be-linked songs or have special request, please send me an email at or leave a note in the comment box below. These works are credited back to its original owners (see bottom of page for details).

*Transliteration only (romaji unavailable)

#Romaji only (transliteration unavailable)

Additional note: Please also see 58 Mr Children Songs, a downloadable Word doc that contains most of Mr Children’s older songs. Some of those marked as not having the Romaji lyrics in here are actually available in there, I just don’t have time to strip them out yet. Once I have more time in my hands, both documents and pages will be consolidated so that you only need to download 1 file or browse through the songlist for all your romaji & transliteration needs.



  1. 12 Gatsu Central Park Blues (December Central Park Blues)
  2. *1999, Natsu, Okinawa (1999, Summer, Okinawa)
  3. Alive
  4. Ame nochi Hare
  5. And I Love You
  6. Anmari Oboetenai ya (I Don’t Really Remember)
  7. Another Story
  8. Any
  9. *Arifureta Love Story ~ Arifureta Love Story ~Danjyo Mondai ha Itsumo Mendou Da (An Everyday Love Story ~ problems between men and women are always a pain)
  10. Bird Cage
  11. Bokura no Oto (The Sound of Us)
  12. *Bolero
  13. *Brand New My Lover
  14. Candy
  15. *Centre of Universe
  16. Chi no Kuda
  17. Coelacanth
  18. Dakishimetai
  19. Dear Wonderful World
  20. Discovery
  21. Door
  22. *Drawing
  23. *[es] Theme of es
  24. Everything (It’s You)
  25. Everything Is Made from A Dream
  26. Fake
  27. Fasunaa (Zipper)
  28. Gift
  29. *Hallelujah
  30. *Hana ~ Memento Mori (Flower ~ A Reminder of Death)
  31. Hanakotoba (The Language of Flowers)
  32. Heavenly Kiss
  33. Hedatari (The Distance Between Things)
  34. Hero
  35. *Hikari no sasu Hou he (To Where the Light Points You)
  36. Hitorigoto (Talking to Oneself)
  37. Houkiboshi (Comet)
  38. *I’ll Be
  39. I’m Sorry
  40. *Innocent World
  41. Irodori (Bright Colours)
  42. It’s A Wonderful World
  43. Itsudemo Hohoemi wo (Always with a Smile)
  44. Iwasetemitee Mon Da (Something I Wish I Could Make You Say)
  45. Karakaze no Kaerimichi (The Way Home In the Dry Wind)
  46. Kasa so Shita no Kimi ni Tsugu (To you, under your umbrella)
  47. Kawaita Kiss (Dry Kiss)
  48. Kimi ga Suki (I Love You)
  49. #Kimiga Ita Natsu
  50. Konna Fuu ni Hidoku Mushiatsui Hi (A Horribly Humid Day Like This)
  51. *Kuchibue
  52. Kurumi (Walnut)
  53. Kutsuhimo (Shoelaces)
  54. Love Connection
  55. Love Hajimemashita (Love, Just In)
  56. Love Is Blindness
  57. Machinegun wo Buppanase (Spray Machinegun Fire)
  58. Mirai (The Future)
  59. Monster
  60. Motto (More)
  61. Mousou Mangetsu (Delusional Fullmoon)
  62. *Namo Naki Uta (Song Without A Name)
  63. Nishi he Higashi he (To the East, to the West)
  64. *Not found
  65. One Two Three
  66. Over
  67. *Owarinaki Tabi
  68. Paddle
  69. Piano Man
  70. Pink ~ Kimyou na Yume (Strange Dream)
  71. Pocket Castanet
  72. Prism
  73. #Replay
  74. Road Movie
  75. Running High
  76. #See Saw Game
  77. Sensui (Diving)
  78. Shiawase no Category (Goodbye to that Category)
  79. Shinkai (The Deep Sea)
  80. Shirushi
  81. Sign
  82. Simple
  83. Slow Starter
  84. So Let’s Get Truth
  85. Sono Mukou he Ikou (I’ll Gp Beyond It)
  86. Sosei (Revival)
  87. Sunrise
  88. Surrender
  89. Tabidachi no Uta (A Song for Setting Off)
  90. Tagatame (For Whom)
  91. *Tegami (Letter)
  92. Tenchou Bus (Bus to the Top)
  93. Tenohira (Palm of My Hand)
  94. Time Machine ni Notte (Ride the Time Machine)
  95. Tobe (Up, up and Away)
  96. Tomo to Coffee to Uso to Ibukuro (Friends, Coffee, Lies, Stomach)
  97. *Tomorrow Never Knows
  98. Tooriame (Rain Shower)
  99. Toriko (Prisoner)
  100. Tsuyogari (False Front)
  101. UFO
  102. Wake Me Up
  103. Worlds End
  104. *Yasashii Uta (A Gentle Song)
  105. Yasurageru Basho (The Place You Find Peace)
  106. Yawarakai Kaze (A Gentle Breeze)
  107. Yo-idon (Ready, Set, Go)
  108. *Youthful Days
  109. Yurikago no Aru Oka Kara (From the Hill Where the Cradle Is)



These transliterations and romaji are done by other people and I would like to credit them:

  1. Brian Stewart and Takako Sakuma from; formerly of the excellent (but now defunct) centigrade-j.
  2. Megchan’s Jpop Lyrics
  3. Contributors from Jpop Asia:
    1. Lunalux
    2. Lilas224
    3. Akaro
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  1. Judu permalink
    August 16, 2008 10:00 pm

    Thank you very much. ^^ Really appreciate them. <3333

  2. August 17, 2008 5:31 pm

    My pleasure. Still unfinished but I’m glad it could be of help.

  3. lucky permalink
    May 26, 2009 9:45 pm

    hello…thanx…”do u got mr.children – classmate” lyric???

    • June 7, 2009 3:11 pm

      You can fin dthe romaji lyrics in the Songlist page. However, I am still working on the transliteration. Sit tight.

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