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Mr Children: Bolero

August 5, 2008


Artist: Mr. Children
Title: Bolero
Words: Sakurai Kazutoshi
Music: Sakurai Kazutoshi

It’s just like a sickness, no more god or buddha
make no mistake about it, this is a thing called love.
I don’t claim to know the true form of the heart
but all over my body I long for you.

“There’s no one but you, In you I see my future”
all these words without content, dance in space
know this feeling of getting to be indifferent to
the serious problems of everyone in a world of anxiety,
c’mon know it.

I’m going to love you throughout the year without rest,
We’ll laugh off a life writhing in pain.
bare my emotions
I want to live naked like this from morning til night

If you say, “This time it’s the real thing”
then you can laugh off your naive teenage love
with just your instincts, free yourself
on the evening veranda I want to live naked like this
the unflinching emotion continuing til tomorrow.

Translated By: Brian Stewart & Takako Sakuma

Translator’s Notes: Bolero I read means clown. I forget what language it
is, but I imagine it’s a romance language either Spanish, Portuguese or
Italian. This song has some of the most honest lines I’ve ever read in any
song. It took me years for the meaning to sink in. I hope it does
something for all of you, even if it loses a little something in


Maru de yamai mou kami mo hotoke mo nai
Magire mo naku kore ga koi tte iu mon desu
Kokoro nante mon no jittai wa shiran kedo
Karadajuu ga kimi wo motometen da yo

Mm kimi shika inai kimi koso mirai
Kotoba wa mina kuukyo chuu ni maun desu
Nayameru sekai zentai no ichidaiji mo
Mukanshin de irarechau kono omoi wo
Shitte ah nee shitte

Itsu datte nenjuu mukyuu de kimi wo ai shite yuku
Shichiten battou no jinsei mo waraitobashite yuku
Kanjou wo mukidashi ni shite
Asa kara ban made hadaka no manma de kurashitai

Kondo koso honmono nan datte kimi ga iu no nara
Shonben kusai juudai no koi wo waraitobashite kure
Honnou no manma jiyuu ni shite
Yoru no beranda de hadaka no manma de kurashitai
Hirumu koto no nai omoi wa asu e to
Tsuzuiteku tsuzuiteku


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