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Mr Children: Brand New My Lover

August 5, 2008

Brand New My Lover

Artist: Mr. Children
Title: Brand New My Lover
Words: Sakurai Kazutoshi
Music: Sakurai Kazutoshi

Hold you to my chest feeling strange as if in a dream.
weightless, drag me into your space.

little girl who’s rude and doesn’t know how to speak properly
I’m the animal sacrifice for your lonely night.

kiss me… (like a drowning man grasping at twigs)
kiss me… (bobbing up and down, people covet love )
kiss me… (wandering inbetween the cracks of narcissism and
self denial)
kiss me… cruelly kept and tamed
make me a slave of pleasure.

Brand new my lover your moasaic body *1
existence itself is already deep with meaning
Brand new my lover a fucking pig
let’s begin the ABC’s of lust.

travel to the otherside of the vulgar stagnated society
I want to have it done with that delicate secret lesson *2

Kill me… (I notice I’m alive everytime I bleed)
Kill me… (I arrive at reality as we decieve each other)
Kill me… (nowadays, there’s not even the illusions of good old
Kill me… Even if they have to be transparent lies
Please kill me gently.

Brand new my lover an ugly face *3
a sense of beauty held in chains
shame just gets in the way
an ecstasy like being anesthesized.

Brand new house, Brand new Love, Brand new Life etc…

Brand new my lover your mosaic body
Again tonight, supply upside down
Brand new my lover already close to breaking
don’t tell me you love me

Brand new my lover it’s useless to struggle
An ecstasy like being an anesthesized.
Brand new my lover a fucking pig
it’s endless the ABC’s of lust.

and then XYZ,
All I want is you.

Translated By: Brian Stewart & Takako Sakuma

Translator’s Notes: Sakurai wrote this song in a time when he and his long
time wife had split up. It seems pretty barbed considereing the context of
when it was written. He left her for a model.

* 1 – Mosaic Body.. is a reference to body parts that have been editted
out with mosaics on a porno video or picture. It has quite a vulgar image.

* 2 – “i want to have it done” means “I wanna be made love to or given
sexual pleasure”.

* 3 – The lines “what an ugly face, sense of beauty kept in chains”
probably are just a really poetic way of saying anybody will do, your
looks doesn’t really matter.


Kimyou na yume miru you na kibun de mune ni dakarete
Mujyuuryoku omae no uchuu e to hikizurikonde okure
Murei na kuchi no kikikata mo shiranai komusume
Kodoku na yoru no tame ikenie ga kono ore
Kiss me…(oboreru mono ga wara ni mo sugaru you ni)
Kiss me…(ukishizumi shinagara hito wa ai wo musaboru)
Kiss me…(narushizumu to jigyaku no hazuma de samayou)
Kiss me…zankoku ni kainarashi
Kairaku no dorei ni shite
Brandnew my lover
Mozaiku no karada
Sonzai jitai ga mou sudeni imishin
Brandnew my lover
Fuck suru buta da
Hajimeyou yo aiyoku no A.B.C
Yodonda gesu na sekai no uragawa wo tabi shite
Karei na sono himitsu no tehodoki de yararetai
Kill me…(chi wo nagasu tabini ikiteru koto ni kizuki)
Kill me…(damashiainagara shinjitsu e to tadoritsuki)
Kill me…(furuki yoki ai no gensou nado ima wa nai)
Kill me…miesuita uso mo ii
Yasashiku koroshite kure
Brandnew my lover
Busaiku na tsura da
Kusari de shibarareta bishiki
Brandnew my lover
Hajirai wa jama da
Masui kakerareta you na ecstasy
Brandnew my lover
Mozaiku no karada
Konya mo shinayaka ni upside down
Brandnew my lover
Mou kowaresou da
Ai shiteru nante iwanaide kure
Brandnew my lover
Agaitemo muda da
Masui kakerareta you na ecstasy
Brandnew my lover
Fuck suru buta da
Hateshinai aiyoku no A.B.C
Soshite X.Y.Z
All I want is you


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