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Mr Children: Dakishimetai

August 5, 2008

Dakishimetai (I Wanna Hold You)

Artist: Mr. Children
Title: Dakishimetai (I Wanna Hold You)
Words: Sakurai Kazutoshi
Music: Sakurai Kazutoshi

Just like the day we met
a drizzling silent night
when I close my eyes, I see us there again just like that day.

that time, pushed by the crowds,
something in the store front window caught your eye,
and you got tripped up.
even now I feel the warmth in my hands from when I caught you.

I want to hold you before these feelings about to overflow escape from me.
in our hearts let’s go walking our own little dream,
keep the scars on your heart of a love gone by in me.

this shapeless feeling the two of us gently nurtured
as if lighting a candle, is even now burning strong.

I never forget that promise I hushed my voice to pinky-swear with you,
in the shivering night.
Don’t worry, I’m only looking at you.

if you’re hurt so much that you want to cry, when you’re hanging your head,
let’s go look for a smile more wonderful than anyone’s.

I want to take on everything always together

I want to hold you, I’m filled with these feelings for you about to overflow.
I’m sure we can walk together, and when you’re sad, I’ll always be there.

Translated By: Brian Stewart & Takako Sakuma

Translator’s Notes: Overwhelmed by the popularity of our notes we present,
yet another ! Yea. This one is special because this is a great song and we
have some explaining to do. Ho-ho, here it comes, the line which begins
“that time, pushed by the crowds…” The image is of the girl walking
through the crowds which in Japan get pushy, and something in the show
window catches her attention she slips and Sakurai catches her ! Thus he
can still feel the warmth in his hands (get it ?)! OOOHHH! Next! The
Japanese when depressed hang their shoulders low, but We’re not really
sure if we say this in Western culture, so We changed it to “hang your
head”. Sing this to a girl you adore and she’ll be yours. That’s Mr.
Children’s gift to you.

3 Comments leave one →
  1. jamieson permalink
    November 22, 2008 4:35 am

    “Sing this to a girl you adore and she’ll be yours. That’s Mr.
    Children’s gift to you.”

    this is verified and true btw.

  2. permalink
    November 9, 2013 11:53 pm

    i really want to hold you..


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