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Mr Children: Namo Naki Uta

August 5, 2008

Namo Naki Uta (Song Without A Name)

Artist: Mr. Children
Title: Na mo Naki Uta (Song Without a Name)
Words: Sakurai Kazutoshi
Music: Sakurai Kazutoshi

if its just a little bit spoiled,
I’m gonna eat it without leaving anything left over.
Oh darling, who are you ?
holding tight to reality.
if you’re doubting me, I’ll cut my throat for you.
Oh darling, I am a simpleton.
I’ll give you something precious.

Standing amongst the annoyed denizens of the city
We don’t seem to have our true feelings…

in such an incongruous lifetime
don’t you sometimes get emotionally distraught ?
But darling, we’ll worry together
I’ll devote my life to you.
Blaming somebody else for being too weak
to live with my heart as it is
if you’re struggling
in the cage of the self, built up before you knew it,
then so am I.

no matter how close a kindred mind, a lonely night is coming.
oh darling, surely this ill feeling won’t disappear.

I’ve come to make various things my stepping stones but
I get the feeling at last I’ve found something
I’m not supposed to lose.

as your mannerisms get more humourous,
they make my feelings gentler
Oh darlin’ let me hear the story of dreams everytime we meet.

Surely love is not something which I give or take,
when I look around, its just there.
i sing as the city wind blows on me,
i should throw away that strange pride.
and begin from there.

despair, disappointment (DOWN)
what did you bury ?
love, freedom, hope, dreams, (courage)
Look down, you can surely find them at your feet.

falling into a love which takes its own course, even if sometimes someone
gets hurt,
its not a wound to their heart everytime,
if you sympathize with somebody,
it comes back to haunt you and its your own heart which is stabbed.

Because I wish to live with my heart as it is,
again I’m going to hurt someone.
if you’re struggling
in the cage of the self, built up before you knew it,
everyone has the same problem, and so do I.

something without a shape called “love”
its always hard to relate it to someone,
that’s why darlin’ this song without a name
is forever dedicated to you.

Translated By: Brian Stewart & Takako Sakuma

Translator’s Notes: Think of “My heart as it is” As simply not wanting to
change yourself for the sake of this complicated thing called love. The
singer isn’t saying he doesn’t love because of this, but he wants to be
loved for who he is. I like the realistic approach Mr. Children has
towards relationships. The girl in this song makes Sakurai realize what’s
important to him.


chotto gurai no yogore mono naraba
nokosazu ni zenbu tabete yaru
Oh darlin kimi wa dare
shinjitsu o nigirishimeru

kimi ga boku o utagatteru no nara
kono nodo o kitte kurete yaru
Oh darlin boku wa nootarin
taisetsuna mono o ageru

iradatsu youna machinami ni tattatte
kanjou saemo riaru ni mote nakunari sou dake do

konna fuchouwa na kurashi no naka de
tamani joucho fuantei ni narudarou?
demo darlin tomo ni nayandari
shougai o kimi ni sasagu

aru ga mama no kokoro de ikirarenu yowasa o
dareka no sei ni shite sugoshiteiru
shiranu ma ni kisuiteita jibun rashisa no ori no naka de
mogaiteiru nara
bokudatte sounanda

dore hodo wakariaeru doushi demo
kodoku na yoru wa yatte kurundayo
Oh darlin kono wadakamari
kitto kise wa shinai darou

ironna koto o fumidai ni shite kitakedo
nakushicha ikenai mono ga yatto mitsukatta ki ga suru

kimi no shikosa ga kokkei na hodo
yasashii kimochi ni narerunda yo
Oh darlin yume monogatari
au tabi ni kikasetekure

ai wa kitto ubau demo ataeru demo nakute
ki ga tsukeba soko ni aru mono
machi no kaze ni fukarete utai nagara
myo na puraido wa suteteshimaeba ii
soko kara hajimaru sa

zetsubou, shitsubou (Down)
nani o kusubuttenda
ai, jiyuu, kibou, yume (yuuki)
ashimoto o goran yo kitto korogateru sa

nari iki makase no koi ni ochi
toki ni wa dareka o kizutsuketa toshitemo
sono tabi kokoro itameru you na jidai janai
dareka o omoiyarya adaninari
jibun no mune ni tsuki sasaru

aru ga mama no kokoro de ikiyou to negau kara
hito wa mata kizutsuite yuku
shiranu ma ni kisuiteita jibun rashisa no ori no naka de
mogaiteiru nara dare datte sou
boku datte sounanda

aijoutte yuu katachi no nai mono
tsutaeru no wa itsumo konnan da re
dakara darlin kono ‘namonaki uta’ o
itsumademo kimi ni sasagu

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  1. August 4, 2010 6:39 pm

    Hi, I’m a Mr. Children fan too! and especially in love with “Namonaki Uta.”
    here is my translated version, I tried to keep the original.

    If its a thing little bit spoiled,
    will eat everything without anything left.
    Oh darling, who are you?
    hold tight onto reality.

    If you’re doubting me,
    cut this throat and give it to you.
    Oh darling, lacks by word,
    give this precious thing.

    Even stand in the annoying city,
    seems like really unable to hold onto the emotion,

    In such a discordant life,
    don’t you get emotionally unstable sometimes?
    But darling, worry together and
    devote entire life to you.

    Being too weak to live with the heart as it is,
    living by blaming someone else.
    In the cage of self built up insidiously,
    if struggling,
    so am I.

    Even among who can understand each other well,
    a lonely night comes.
    oh darling, this grudge,
    surely cannot be erase.

    Stepped through so many things but,
    thing not supposed to loose, have a feeling that finally found it.

    as you are being more humorous,
    can become gentle feelings,
    Oh darlin’, story of a dream,
    please let me hear it every time we meet.

    Maybe love is not something to give or take,
    its a thing there when noticed.
    Singing while blown in the city’s wind and
    just throw away the strange pride,
    Starts from there.

    despair, discouraged (DOWN)
    what’s obscuring?
    love, freedom, hope, dreams, (courage)
    Look around your feet, maybe it’s there.

    fell into a love through its own course,
    even hurt someone sometimes,
    times is not likely to damage heart every time,
    Sympathizing someone becomes a matter and
    it will stabs into own heart.

    Because wish to live with the heart as it is,
    human getting hurt again.
    In the cage of self built up insidiously,
    if struggling, so anyone,
    so am I.

    something without a form called “love”
    its always hard to tell,
    that’s why darlin’, this song without a name,
    dedicate it to you forever.

    Lover’s Rock v

  2. Lolipettanko permalink
    May 27, 2012 3:51 pm

    I love this song!!!

  3. June 23, 2013 8:03 pm

    One of my all-time favorite! :)


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