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Guitar: Hana~Memento Mori, Tomorrow Never Knows, Shirushi, Namonaki Uta, Owari Naki Tabi & Kimi ga Suki

August 7, 2008

V4010067, originally uploaded by sokuhou99.

An extremely cool and useful guitar chords archive would be XXX Sound. This site is in Japanese, but if you already know the melody of the songs, it is not too difficult to figure it out. There are 99 guitar chords in there, and counting! I use  the fantastic Google’s automatic translation tool for the link below so that you’d be able to at least tell the names of the songs.
Click here to go to: XXX Sound Mr Children’s Guitar Chords
Courtesy from (clicking on the links below will take you  to the respective page)

From Ijah’s old archives. Guitar chords are in a single Word Doc. To download, simply:

  1. Point your mouse to this link Mr Children Guitar Chords and right hand click it
  2. Choose ‘Save Target As’
  3. Choose the location where you want the file to be saved
  4. Click ‘Save’

Chords contained therein (c/w romaji lyrics): Tomorrow Never Knows (chords version), Namonaki Uta, Owari Naki Tabi and Kimi ga Suki.


Ultimate Guitar Archive was started on October 9th, 1998 by Eugeny Naidenov (aka zappp) – a student of economic faculty of Kaliningrad State University, Russia. The first title of the site was Zappp`s Guitar Archive and it had just a handful amount of guitar tabs by 10 artists …though it was started just as a home page!
Currently, Ultimate-Guitar.Com is the fastest growing guitar community on the net — it’s the only guitar website that has gear and cd reviews, music news, guest columns, guitar and bass lessons and tabs in one place! And don’t forget about the coolest guitar community of guitarists on the planet!
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  1. February 8, 2010 12:48 am

    Just Love this post! Thanks for this. Thanks for sharing this…..


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