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Review: Discovery

August 12, 2008


Discovery Album Cover

Discovery Album Cover

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July 27, 1999: A Customer

Mr. Children is one of the most popular rock groups in Japan. The peak of their popularity was around 1994-1997, when they became something of a social phenomenon. Discovery is their latest album including single tracks “Hikari no sasu ho e”, “owari naki tabi” and “I’ll be (album version)”. Although the music on this CD is impressive, I think the album fails to live up to “Atomic Heart” and “Bolero”.

Oct 17, 1999: A Customer

Latest album from probably the most consistently good Japanese band of the ’90s. Best Japanese album of 1999 so far. Not as many single hits as their 1994 album “Atomic Heart”, but it has a more mature, experimental fee. The sound is closer to their 1996 album “Shinkai”. Best tracks are Nos. 2 and 7.

March 10, 2003: bvb_hong

The is the first album after the band has a year break. What we found in this album is something very different from the previous album, but most of them have a more negative attitude then before. The changes tells us the band still on their way to find out more possibilities about themselves. The music gene varies throughout the album: rockers, folks, ballads. But something links them up is what the trademark of Mr.Children: the sentimental melody, whatever a warm or sorrow one. It’s not surprised to see that they have some experimental tracks on this album, but it’s surprising to have more then the previous albums, which may affect their selling record after a year break. Whatever, it’s the band’s most challenging album, and it’s nice to see that they’re not only focus on the selling. For the best track on this album, I picked the most touching track 10.

Ijah’s Note: People have mixed feelings about this album. But for me Owarinaki Tabi alone was enough to make this a good purchase. I tried playing this a few times; ok am not a very good guitar player but I think the song itself is pretty clever. But the best part about this song is its lyrics. It’s always something that I turn to when I’m having a crappy day and need a pick me up.

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