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Review: [es] DVD

August 12, 2008

[es] ~Mr Children on Film, 1996

[es] DVD cover

Ijah’s Note: This DVD is fully in Japanese and does not carry any English subtitles.

DVD reviewed by Dennis A. Amith
TYPE OF MOVIE: Concert/Documentary

DVD Synopsis:

This is a two hour film/documentary during the popularity of the group Mr. Children. Track listings are as follows:

1.Fragile 2. 3.and I close to you 4.Jealousy 5.Ame nochi hare 6.Dance Dance Dance 7.Round About 8.Tomorrow never knows 9.Asia 10.Love Connection 11.everybody goes 12.CROSS ROAD 13.innocent world ~Theme of es~ and BONUS TRACK 16.See Saw Game PV


This video came out during the peak of Mr. Children’s popularity and when it came out on video, I remember spending a lot of money – $80 just to get it.

Now it’s on DVD and although Mr. Children is still popular at this current time, back in the mid-90’s they were on top of the world.

This film shows the group on tour back in `95 and `96 I believe and you get to see Kazutoshi Sakurai as he works on composing a song which ends up to be “Es”.

The group talks about traveling, Kazutoshi talks about his newborn baby and you get to see the group celebrate as they finish touring, a cameo by Southern All Stars Kuwata Keisuke and much more.

Although years have past since it was originally released, this is by far the best Mr. Children video out there. It’s the group at it’s peak and you can feel the intensity of the crowd on songs like “Tomorrow Never Knows” and “Innocent World”.

On Track 15 is “ES ~Theme of Es~” which features parts of the film that was used on the music video. Track 16 is the music video of “See Saw Game”.

If you are a big fan of Mr. Children, this video is a must-buy.


Live version of [es] Theme of es

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  1. December 1, 2013 2:54 pm

    Hello, can you upload this DVD if you still have it please !!! I HAVENT FOUND IT IN ANY SITE … i would really appreciate it

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