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Review: Mr Children 1992-1995

August 12, 2008

Mr Children 1992-1995

Mr Children 1992-1995 Album Cover

Mr Children 1992-1995 Album Cover

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Dec 21, 2003 by Arejay

This album is a collection of the earlier works of the magnificent Japanese rock group Mr Children. Especially tracks 4,6,7 and 11 stand out as being truly amazing, whilst the other songs admittedly have a certain attraction to them, although not as great. Overall this album offers a lot to fans of Mr Children, yet if you are a new fan, never yet having heard this band, i would advise a different album, perhaps Its A Wonderful World, Bolero, or Discovery. As a foreigner, I can honestly say that not understanding the lyrics only enhances the music and is of no importance, as the fusion of a wide range of instruments works majestically and is a great listen for everyone. Enjoy the album!

Sept 25, 2007: Yochan

Mr. Children is undoubtedly the best band in Japan. Especially in their first 5 years, they made a lot of masterpieces. So I think this album is very precious for Mr. Children beginners. I also recommend ‘BORELO’,’Shifuku no Oto’ and ‘HOME’ which includes a very wonderful song ‘Shirushi’ in it.

Feb 5, 2008: Tradeand5

If you want to know all about what this is band is….buy this one. You wont regret it. Big band from Japan. WOW~!!! Do not forget to buy the next 1995 -2000 album.

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