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Review: Shirushi

August 12, 2008


Shirushi CD single cover

Shirushi CD single cover

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Ijah’s Review:

I heard this right around the time it was released i.e. late Nov/early Dec 2006. I had just started a new job, one that required me to commute for about 1 & 1/2 hour every morning. Taking the taxi was out of the question, the one-way fare would have cost me around RM27!

A friend of mine, Kamal, was also commuting every day from the Kelana Jaya LRT station to KLCC (one stop way from mine). I thought, if Kamal could do it, so could Ijah (I was wrong but at that time I didn’t know any better). He told me, no matter what you do, get your a** (ok he doesn’t say a**) to the Kelana Jaya station NO LATER than 7am every morning, or there’s no parking space, or worse, no room for you the squeeze into the train at all.

So faithfully, for about 2 months, I would brave the early morning traffic, fought for a space (not a seat, but a sliver of space!) to stand inside the train and then suffered the 45mins train ride to Ampang Park. It was horrible, but was the fastest route possible to the then office.

And what saved my sanity? My pink Sony MP3 Player. Ok about Shirushi. Actually I saw the promotional video (PV) first on Youtube. The first verse didn’t really make an impression and I just sort of let it play in the background while I was puttering around the room doing something else. But when Sakurai came to the part that goes:

“onnaji kao wo shiteru” to darekaga hiyakashita shashin, bokura wa niterunokana? soretomo nitekitanokana?

…a surge of emotions just rushed in (note: I don’t read or write or understand Japanese). I suppose it doesn’t really make any sense, but that was the exact moment when I connected to the song. I went online to look for the MP3 version of it, put in on heavy rotation on my Sony MP3 player and the 45mins ride to work didn’t seem so bad (I have since owned ‘Home’, thanks to Awa).

I know Shirushi seems very long, and it takes a while to pick up but it literally moved me to tears. It is so simple but the orchestral music arrangement is perfect. The video below is a “live” version of the song. Judge it for yourself. Try not to look for the transliteration first (it’s available in my Songlist, the romaji and guitar chords are available too) and just listen to it on its own.

Sept 25, 2007: Yochan

I think this is a love song for everyone who loves someone (his or her spouse, children, parents, or friends). I love the melody, the voice, lyrics and the harmony of them.

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