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Mr Children: Running High

August 21, 2008

Running High

      Artist: Mr. Children
      Title: Running High
      Words: Sakurai Kazutoshi
      Music: Sakurai Kazutoshi

      A: “Don’t think you’ve won with your fancy logic, dickhead”
      B: “I know, but what can I do? I mean, I ‘ve got no other means.”
      A: “you haven’t made a lick of progress despite your go get ’em spirit”
      B: “Shut up! You don’t understand the weight of my burden!” *1

      Dodgeball with my inner self on the otherside of the court
      taunt ‘im, run all over, catch it, and send it right back at ‘im! *2

      “I’m beat, somebody help me!”
      even when I send out that signal
      no one’s watching,
      worse yet the whistle calling for a time out doesn’t sound.
      if that’s the case I’ll run till my breath fails me
      spreading my disgrace all over
      I’ll let the irridescent garment I wear over my heart fly in the wind. *3

      when frustration is just part of a day’s work
      I entrust my tired body to convenient love
      and when the deed is done, I pretend to be asleep
      what a sec, what the?? What am I doing!?
      I forgot… I have no idea.
      when the sun shines on me, I feel so guilty

      these desires to fall into line and do as others do *4
      one day I realized how unnecessary it all was,
      I wonder if it’s not too late, to cool off.

      the Caterpillar rolls over
      that house they once said was haunted
      a representative of the company announces
      that it’ll be turned into an apartment complex by next Spring
      Another piece of scenery that I grew up with
      has up and turned to cash.
      after only a brief pause for sentimentality,
      I’m all, “Well, that’s that I guess.”

      the age, society..
      if you don’t force yourself to make some enemies
      you’ll never know who your friends are,
      you won’t be able to enjoy life.

      No one else was behind it
      it was me, so I gave myself up
      no one’s listening, worse yet, there’s no relief for my sins
      if that’s the case I’ll run till my breath fails me
      spreading my disgrace all over
      Don’t call it quits, you amateur! You can still run!
      if that’s the case I’ll run till my breath fails me
      spreading my disgrace all over
      I’ll show off the irridescent garment I wear over my heart

      Translated By: Brian Stewart & Takako Sakuma

      Translator’s Notes: The Return of the Translator’s Notes. That’s
      Sakurai-san for ya!

      * 1 – “Kou” & “Otsu” are used like “A” & “B” are when writing dialogue
      examples in Japanese. In my opinion Sakurai uses this style to
      differentiate between the inner and outer selves. The Inner Self is
      browbeating the Outer Self. Side Note: I took a lot of liberties with the
      dialogue to make it sound natural, please understand we’re trying to keep
      the spirit of what’s said alive at the cost of the literal meaning.

      * 2 – Continuing the above image, Sakurai imagines himself palying
      Dodgeball against his inner self. Facing his own heart down across the

      * 3 – This image is important because it seems like here Sakurai is saying
      I will expose my heart for all to see, where as later he will change his
      way of thinking and instead expose the costume he wears over his heart for
      all to see.

      * 4 – The language here is from the military. “Forward March, About Face”
      etc.. Its placement at this part of the song makes me think of how when
      one gets older one starts to care less about what other people are doing.
      I’m not really familair with the expression “cooling off” but I assume its
      not like calming down but more like losing interest etc in something.


      Kou: ‘rironbusou de seme katta to omou na bakatare!’
      Otsu: ‘wakatteru shikata nai darou hoka ni utsu tedate nakute’
      Kou: ‘isei ga ii wari ni chitto mo mae ni susumenai ze’
      Otsu: ‘damattero! kono nimotsu no omosa shiranai kuse shite’

      mukou gawa ni iru naimen to docchibo-ru
      ikaku shite nigemawari uketomete hajikikaesu

      ‘mou tsukareta dareka tasukete yo’
      sonna aizu dashita tte
      daremo miteinai mashite taimu wo tsugeru fue ha naranee
      nara iki taeru made kaketemiyou haji wo makichirashite
      mune ni matou tamamushiiro no ishou wo hatamekaseteikou

      iraira shite shikata nai hi ha
      tsukareta karada wo
      tsugou no ii koi ni azukete
      owareba neta furi shite
      are, ore, nani shitendarou?
      wasureta wakaranee
      taiyou ga teritsukeru to yake ni ushirometakute

      mae narae migi he narae no yokubou
      kizukeba iran mon bakari mada ma ni au ka na ku-ringu ofu

      nakigara ga deru to iu oyashiki wo
      kyatapira ga fumitsubushite
      raishun goro ni manshon ni kawaru to dairinin ga tsugeru
      mata boku wo sodatetekureta keshiki ga akkenaku kane ni natta
      sukoshi dake kanshou ni hitatta ato ‘maa sore mo sou da naa’

      jidai toka shakai toka
      muri ni demo teki ni shitatenai to
      mikata wo sagasenai, yukai ni kurasenai yo

      shikunda no ha hoka no dare demo nai
      ore datte jishu shita tte
      daremo kiitenai mashite tsumi ga karuku nanka naranee
      nara ikitaeru made kekete miyou haji wo makichirashite
      ikidoki da to iu nakare shiroto! mada hashirerun da
      nara ikitaeru made kekete miyou haji wo makichirashite
      mune ni matou tamamushiiro no ishou wo misebirakashiteikou

      Romaji By: Brian Stewart

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  1. terry permalink
    November 8, 2008 4:30 am

    What a lovely song, thank you.

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