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Mr Children: Tsuyogari (False Front)

August 21, 2008

Tsuyogari (False Front)

      Artist: Mr. Children
      Title: Tsuyogari
      Words: Sakurai Kazutoshi
      Music: Sakurai Kazutoshi

      I can see the old wounds in your rigid posture
      even your hands that carry this heavy baggage, I know your fronts.

      Even if you try laughing I know that
      you’re erecting invisible walls around your heart

      i tried to call your name with a helpless tiny voice
      getting through the lonely nights, hurry up, face me head on and hold me.

      I want to be with you, even if our love can never be said to be close
      I’d always be happy to get a call from you.

      my circle of friends I can talk to has also narrowed of its own accord.
      Walking with that tiny wish in my pocket.

      overestimating the “oh you’re so nice”, I seemed angry but its different.
      get through the sadness, face me and strongly hold me other head on.

      playing my six string I change my love spontaneously to song
      clumsy fingers slipping shaking

      sometimes brimming with confidence I try and scream your name
      take it easy just come to me one step at a time.
      and then oneday when you’re ready, hurry up and face me head on, and hold
      me strongly
      just like that, forget your fronting.

      Translated By: Brian Stewart & Takako Sakuma

      Translator’s Notes: This song is very special to us. Let’s start with an
      explaination of tsuyogari which my dictionary (garbage that it is)
      translates as “bluff”. I saw pishaw! to that. Tsuyogari as we have
      translated it is closer to front. As in putting up a front. A false face
      to keep things at a safe distance from you. so you never get hurt and you
      can never hurt others. That is how the word is being used here. I can’t
      find a word that accurately captures all that if YOU do drop us a line,
      and we’ll see if its better. Ok there is a Japanese idiom for a “weak tiny
      unconfident” voice which is literally “a voice like a mosquito’s buzz”,
      here we’ve taken it as the idiom. The line “even if our love can never be
      said to be close…” was another one of those trouble spots MISUCHIRU
      likes to throw at us…the japanese expresses a type of relationship in
      which “one isn’t close enough to spend quality time with one another and
      too distant to warrant a phone call when seperated from one another” Thus
      Sakurai is pleaing with the girl to give him a phone call. This is an
      especially trying kind of love. Next, “overestimating” … in this part
      the girl says “oh Sakurai you’re so kind…” and he wants something more
      substantial and looks angry but actually he’s just frustrated that she
      won’t be more open with him. The next line “tsurezure” is an old kind of
      spontaneous writing. And Sakurai is trying to put his feelings into a song
      even though he can’t quite play it well. Oh man, this song is beautiful.

Rin to kamaeta sono shisei ni wa furukizu ga mie
Omoi nimotsu wo motsu te ni mo tsuyogari wo shiru

Waratte itemo boku ni wa wakatterun da yo
Mienai kabe ga kimi no haato ni tachihadakatteru no wo

Ka no naku you na tayorinai koe de
Kimi no namae wo yonde mita
Kodoku na yoru wo koete massugu ni
Mukiatte yo dakiatte yo hayaku

Tsukazu hanarezu ga koi no sube demo soba ni itai no yo
Itsu kimi ga denwa kuretemo ii you ni natteru

Hanasu aite mo onozu to semattekun da yo
Chitcha na negai wo itsumo poketto ni mochiaruiterun da

Yasashii ne nante kaikaburu na tte
Ikari ni mo niter iru kedo chigau
Kanashimi wo koete massugu ni
Mukiatte yo dakiatte yo tsuyoku

Itoshisa no tsurezure de kakinarasu rokugen ni
Bukiyou na yubi ga karande furueteru

Tama ni wa chotto jishin ni michita koe de
Kimi no na wo sakende min da
Aseranakute ii sa ippo zutsu boku no soba ni oide
Soshite itsuka boku to massugu ni
Mukiatte yo dakiatte yo
Hayaku tsuyoku aru ga mama de tsuyogari mo sutete

5 Comments leave one →
  1. June 15, 2010 10:10 am

    too heart wrenching. thanks for sharing, definitely one of my most favorites.

  2. September 30, 2012 12:57 am

    The one I just practiced in karaoke in Paris was “tegami” , it has really good lyrics too.

    • October 18, 2012 11:02 pm

      Haha did you record it? If yes, pass it to me and I will post it in here.

      • October 19, 2012 6:07 am

        ^^ I don’t record myself … yet, if I do it I’ll send it to you.


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