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Universe: (1992~1995 Album Stream)

September 18, 2008

Here’s a great link: 1992~1995 Album on

You can listen to the whole album (online streaming), purchase it, or buy individual songs from i-tunes. Neat.


  1. Kimi ga ita Natsu
  2. Hoshi ni Naretara
  3. Dakishimetai
  4. Replay
  5. Love
  6. My Life
  7. Cross Road
  8. Innocent World
  9. Dance Dance Dance
  10. Ame No Chi Hare
  11. over
  12. Tomorrow never knows
  13. Everybody Goes
  14. Theme Of Es
  15. Seesaw Game

In same site, the link to all Mr Children’s other albums are here: Mr Children on

Sample before you buy? Love it!

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Back in the 20th Century, Felix Miller and Martin Stiksel were running an online record label whose mission was to get independent music out to the people who wanted to hear it. A few years later, university student Richard Jones started tracking what he and his friends were listening to on their computers with a project he called Audioscrobbler. brought these ideas and desires together. Luckily, these days it’s about letting people choose the music themselves – rather than subjecting the world to Felix’s music taste (or we’d all be listening to Elvis and Japanese surf garage). has always been about making music culture more democratic: everyone listening to music how they want to, when they want to. Without a middle man making your decisions for you.


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