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Mr Children: Rock n’ Roll

April 4, 2009

Rock n’ Roll

lost in fantasy,
a day goes by
I wonder where I’d be if I had chosen a different life…?
I’d live free of restraints, free of rules
blown by a roaming wind
I’d go against the flow

it’s the very picture of rock n’ roll
drowning to death in women and booze
I know, I know
it’s not my nature, I’m not equipped for it
I know, I know
but I can’t help yearning for a life like that.

I’ll stay unmarried, in love with my loneliness
I won’t consider the consequences
they’ll call me a fool.

in order for rock stars to make a living
they have to play up this “free of restraint” image
I know, I know
that no matter what you do it’s never easy
I know, I know
but my heart is searching for freedom and stimulation

wallowing in the sounds of Rock n’ Roll
again today, I turn up the volume
I know, I know
this life I live is the one best suited to me
I know, I know
people need others to survive.


Translated By: Brian Stewart & Takako Sakuma

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