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Mr Children: Ao (Blue)

April 4, 2011

Ao (Blue)

I really am giving this everything I’ve got
but nothing will budge
I follow the wavering heat mirage with my eyes
yearning for it even though I know I can’t really touch it.
You say that each person should pursue their mission with singleminded determination but…

softly, softly the dream splinters
the heart riots at unanswered prayers
it teaches me just what my limits are.

I only wish honestly, that I could pass on all these tiny proud accomplishments but…

softly, and privately the lies pile up
and my freedom is taken away, by the stagnant flow of time
it teaches me just what my limits are
and yet still, my heart reaches out to you.

Translated By: Brian Stewart & Takako Sakuma

Note: Ao is a tricky word. Literally it means blue but just as we say something is “green” when we mean “inexperienced or unripened” the Japanese say blue. I would venture that this title refers to both the mood of the piece and the relative “youthfulness” or “naivety” of the singer’s heart.

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