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Mr Children: I

April 4, 2011


Haven’t we had enough!?
Let’s end it here.
So, how ’bout it!?
You’re thinking the same thing, ain’t ya!?

You’ve lived it up as you please
What more do you want from life? Heaven?

The days are just gonna go marching on like this.
“I” clinging to prescription medicine
Will you really claim, “No one’s at fault here”!?
Pretend to blame yourself, and beg for forgiveness… Ah

Here’s the scene: The world you dropped out from

So, how ’bout it!?
It’s a one man show that no one watches.

Maybe I’ll cry and pretend my feelings are hurt
make everyone pay attention to me… Ah

You’ll coddle yourself like that
“I” selling out to the sponsor who backs it.
And to top it all off will you then claim that you “want to die”!?
A last ditch trick for when things don’t go your way. How ’bout it?

you make everyone around concerned for you
but after all that, you still don’t have a clue what you want.

The days are just gonna go marching on like this.
so let’s burn through our lives, without taking or jettisoning anything.
You consider yourself the most precious. I’ve got you pegged, don’t I!?
but really, who can blame you?

Translated by: Brian Stewart & Takako Sakuma

Notes: This is just my interpretation but I feel uniquely qualified to offer it since I’m on the other side of thirty. Sakurai is being the old man in a rocking chair, decrying the state of this generation. Although the last line kind of negates the bitterness. “I” isn’t Sakurai or the singer. It’s the self-centered character of a generation. It’s “I” instead of us, them, or you. I think it’s a specifically chosen symbol. In English “I” stands alone, it visually resembles a person by themselves.

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