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Mr.Children to release new physical single!

October 3, 2014

Well, at least I’m on top of this news and have it up the same day it dropped.  Anyway, as the title says, Mr.Children will be releasing a new physical single (finally!) on November 19th of this year.

The title track is going to be their Getsu 9 theme “Ashioto ~Be Strong”, with two B-sides included:  “Hanatareru” and a new song titled “Melody”.  Melody is supposedly a sad, yet somehow uplifting winter song that will display the band’s “current position”.

I can’t wait for this to drop!  You can check on the single’s cover and an official preview of Ashioto in Nobunaga Concerto’s official trailer below the cut.


Track List:

  1. Ashioto ~Be Strong
  2. Hanatareru
  3. Melody


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  1. theslypig04 permalink
    October 3, 2014 11:14 am

    I’m looking forward to hearing “Melody”!

  2. October 3, 2014 10:01 pm

    Ryusenkai, you are godsend. Working with an airline like I do, I could hardly update this website and if it wasn’t for you it would have been dead a long time ago. Thank you so much for being a fantastic administrator, you have my thanks and appreciation. Cheers ~Ijah

    • ryusenkai permalink
      October 30, 2014 1:09 pm

      This response is extraordinarily late, but it’s really no problem. I enjoy keeping up with the band and sharing their music with other people, and have just enough time in my schedule to do so. So so long as Mr.Children keep releasing music, I’ll keep keeping up with them. :)

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