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Mr.Children announce New Studio Album (and so much more)!

February 6, 2015

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve posted here; many apologies for the silence, since while there definitely has been news to post, I’ve just been incredibly busy these past couple of months.  Things are starting to settle down now though, and just in time to report on the biggest piece of news among my bunch; don’t worry though, I’ll also be going over everything I missed during December and January, so hold onto your hats and be ready for a decently long post.

To start with the most significant announcement:  Mr.Children have FINALLY revealed some of the details about their upcoming album.  The album will be titled “REFLECTION” and is due to be released on June 4th of this year, to coincide with the final date of their Arena Tour.  From what I understand, their reasons for releasing the album at the end of the tour have to do with the band wanting to break their routine and actually use the live shows to increase anticipation for the album itself, rather than the other way around.  No details on Track List, Cover, or how many Versions it’ll have yet, but I’ll be back with another post once we know about those things.

Alright, now it’s time to play catch-up on news.  Starting with early December, Mr.Children performed a new song titled “Shayou” (“Sunset”) on the FNS Kayousai year-end music festival (I’ll be attaching videos for everything relevant below).  In addition, it was also revealed that they were going to be releasing a documentary film about their fan-club lives (which includes some of the many new songs that they played there) titled “Mr.Children REFLECTION” that will actually be opening in theaters in Japan tomorrow.  There’s a snippet of another new song in the trailer for this movie titled “Genchou” (“Auditory Hallucinations”), which plays just before “Ashioto” comes on.

Continuing on with the new music news, a track titled “fantasy” has been picked up as the CM song for the latest BMW commercials.  Lastly, there’s also a video revealing an incredibly short piece of another new song that they’re in the process of recording titled “Shinka-ron” (“Theory of Evolution”).  We don’t know which of these songs will actually end up being placed on “REFLECTION”, or which of their already released tracks this era will join them, but it’s still good to hear so much new music from the band.

And… that’s it!  I’ll be sure to be more prompt with posting other updates in the future, though I hope that you found all of this info. getting published at once to be a pleasant surprise.  Oh, and before I go, let me also give a quick shout-out to another very famous Japanese band:  Southern All Stars, who are releasing their first album in almost a decade at the end of March!  Now then, see you next time.  :P

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