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Mr.Children publish intimately-shot Live Performance of “Brand new planet”

October 28, 2020

Picking up where my previous article left off, Mr.Children have since announced that the second song on “SOUNDTRACKS” – titled “Brand new planet” – will be serving as the theme song for FujiTV drama “Nee-chan no Koibito”. This marks the band’s second drama tie-in for this era, following hot on the heels of “turn over?”, and the album’s sixth tie-in overall.

The last time an album was this heavily reliant on media tie-ins was “[(an imitation) blood orange]”, which long-term I wasn’t especially fond of. That said, for my taste at least, the tracks we’ve had a chance to hear seem generally stronger than those used to support that release. So I’m still fairly optimistic that this album will come together on the whole.

Back to “Brand new planet”, today the band uploaded a live promotional video for the track to their YouTube channel. The footage comes from the “MINE” documentary that will be included with the longplay’s Limited Edition and consists of a simple, well-shot clip of the members’ performance.

Continue on below to have a listen to “Brand new planet”, and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments. Until next time!

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