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Mr.Children to release New Album “SOUNDTRACKS” in December

October 2, 2020

It’s been a spell and a half since my last post here – been busy in more ways than one – but given my general enthusiasm about the band’s most recent era, I’d like to at least make an attempt to cover the lead-up to this particular record. Announced earlier today (late yesterday in Japan), Mr.Children will be releasing their 20th studio album – titled “SOUNDTRACKS” – on December 2nd.

Much like “Juuryoku to Kokyuu” – which I did like – before it, “SOUNDTRACKS” is set to run ten tracks in length. Five of those songs have already been revealed in some form, with “Birthday”, “Kimi to Kasaneta Monologue”, and “turn over?” released and “others” and “The song of praise” available in part via their tie-ins with Kirin Beer and ZIP!.

What’s particularly notable about this longplay is that it’s the band’s first to be recorded entirely overseas, largely in London and Los Angeles, and the first time they’ve recorded outside of Japan at all since their work on “Q” back in 2000. There are a whole host of star-studded names involved, including Steve Fitzmaurice, Simon Hale, Randy Merrill and Miles Showell.

The sounds they’ve been playing with thus far reflect that; I hear a lot of “DISCOVERY” and “Q” in the mix on these songs, with a touch of their really early days – think “Kind Of Love” and “Versus” – in the songwriting itself. For someone that’s particularly fond of the former era – “Q” might just be my favorite Mr.Children album overall – I’m thrilled to see them returning to that period’s tenor and visuals (seriously, have a look at that cover and tell me it doesn’t remind you of Q’s). Speaking of art direction, both the album’s cover art and the music videos that’ll be coming in support of its release were handled by PERIMETRON, a creative agency that’s become famous for its connection to rock band King Gnu’s frontman Tsuneta Daiki.

As for the record itself, “SOUNDTRACKS” is going to be released in four different versions: CD-Only, a Limited Edition A or B which’ll feature a 50+ minute recording documentary – including both individual interviews with the band’s members and live performances of several album tracks – on a DVD or Blu-ray respectively (plus a 32-page booklet and a special box for packaging), and in a first for the band, an Analog Record Edition which was cut at the legendary Abbey Road Studios.

All of that put together, I’m pretty excited about this album, and can’t wait to see what else the band have got cooking as we get closer to its release. For now, you’ll find the cover and track list below, and I hope that all of you are well.

-‘SOUNDTRACKS’ Track List-

  • CD (Total Runtime: 45:14)
  2. Brand new planet
  3. turn over?
  4. Kimi to Kasaneta Monologue
  5. losstime
  6. Documentary film
  7. Birthday
  8. others
  9. The song of praise
  10. memories
  • DVD/Blu-ray (Limited Editions A & B Only)
  1. “MINE” LIVE & Documentary of SOUNDTRACKS (incl. live performances of “DANCING SHOES”, “Brand new planet”, “Documentary film”, and “others”)

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